We design and manufacture handling systems

B&B Elevators was founded in 1996 following the acquisition of the manufacturing division of an artisan company with twenty years’ experience in the internal handling sector.

B&B Elevators designs and manufactures special lift trucks, free-standing goods lifts, industrial goods lifts and handling systems.
All our products bear the CE marking and are supplied with use and maintenance manuals compiled by our technical department.

We focus on developing solutions, in close collaboration with the client, able to satisfy special needs, identifying effective and practical ways to solve handling problems. The company therefore continually builds on its knowledge, constantly expanding its technology and demonstrating incredible flexibility in the design-production process.

Solid knowledge of the sector, use of the most modern digital supports during the design stage, and last but not least, investment in the professionalism of human resources, all play a crucial role in the company’s development. Our unique approach to production has allowed us to forge professional relations with companies in all industrial and artisan sectors requiring efficient internal load handling systems. We have also worked with major companies, which thanks to their international operations, have also ensured the success of our products abroad.

We recently extended our production to also cover the funerary sector, offering a range of coffin lifts and chargers for crematoriums, in collaboration with the industry’s leading companies. In addition to the design, carried out in-house directly by our technical department, and the actual manufacture of the machine, our after-sales service is also an essential part of our business. In fact, we directly perform all maintenance, repairs and testing of our products, including the supply of spare parts.