Free-standing goods lifts

Free-standing goods lifts for materials only are equipped with a car in a self-supporting shaft, which is statically independent from the walls. It houses all the necessary parts for the lift’s proper operation.

Free-standing goods lifts are individually designed in accordance with the required characteristics and available space, and can be installed in any industrial or commercial context, serving multiple floors, both inside and outside the building. The walls of the shaft are lined with pre-painted galvanized sheet metal, or insulated panels.

Free-standing goods lifts are equipped with a self-levelling system at reduced speed, allowing the perfect alignment of the car deck with the landings in order to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods with trolleys.

B&B Elevators manufactures free-standing goods lifts in accordance with the provisions of the relative Decree dated 2nd April 1981 and subsequent explanatory circulars, and are subject to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. All systems produced by our company bear the CE marking and are supplied with Use & Maintenance Manuals and an EU Declaration of Conformity. We are also authorized to carry out mandatory quarterly routine maintenance.