Supply of coffin lifts for the cemetery sector

B&B Elevators manufactures coffin lifts and equipment for the handling, lifting and burial of coffins in niches with operators on-board.

The machine is manoeuvred by an adjustable drawbar and features a telescopic lifting column, galvanized structure and adjustable roller unit to facilitate both front and side burial operations.

The coffin lifts are also equipped with a 360° rotating man cage with the possibility for a second cage to accommodate a second operator.

These handling devices for the cemetery and funerary sector are available in four versions:

  1. manual traction and lifting
  2. manual traction and electric lifting
  3. electric traction and lifting
  4. crawler traction with internal combustion motor and electric lifting

For all versions: 350 kg capacity including the 2 operators

Available with different lifting heights: 2900, 3300, 3600 and 4000 mm

Applicable accessories:

  • Second operator cage
  • Upper cage
  • Manual device for initial coffin lifting
  • Manual emergency pump (for electric versions)
  • Rotating coffin surface
  • Protective hood
  • Gravestone lifting device

Reference standards: Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, EN280 and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive E2004/108/EC. Machine with CE marking.