Residential lifting systems: platform lifts

For the residential and commercial sector, B&B Elevators manufactures Easy Lift platform lifts designed for people only, and to overcome architectural barriers.

The platform features a car with operator-dependent controls, which slides along guides installed inside a walled shaft. Painted swing doors with a window are installed on each floor.
These platform lifts can be customized and adapted to suit any type of building, for both indoor and outdoor applications.
The platform doesn’t necessarily require a walled shaft insofar as it can be supplied with a fully self-supporting and independent structure.
The platform lift is a residential and commercial lift that can also be supplied with the relative cabinet containing the pushbutton panel and controller.
Reference standards: Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

B&B Elevators platform lifts bear the CE marking and require six-monthly maintenance by qualified operators, as well as two-yearly inspections by certified bodies.